March 29, 2015


Many girls surely have pink in their wardrobe. It’s chic, but, do you have some orange to go with the pink? ‘Cause the pink-orange combo is what is in right now and you definitely need to make some room in your wardrobe out there.

Pink may be the favourite colour of many girls and you most likely find at least one pink in your collection. Now look at it with some orange around. Isn’t it eye catching? It sure is. Orange complements pink and completes it. The bright colours will liven up the day, any time.

No matter how you want to dress up, be it ethnic or a more western gear, to-go combo of the season is, for sure, pink with orange.
 Pink-Orange Fab Fashion Combination

The Pink-Orange Bag

Gear up your wear with accessories, also, in this fab combo. Try out either the orange-pink handbag for a classy look or the orange-pink clutch for the chic look.

 The Pink-Orange Shoes

The Pink-Orange shoes are a total fab fashion statement! Wear it on a colourful dress or a dull, sober colours, the effect is simply ravishing. Check out the GoBahamas Pink-Orange Flip Flops; they are the best!

The Pink-Orange Ethnic Look

Sonam Kapoor Pink-Orange Fashionable Ethnic Salwar Suit
Dress up in a pink kurta with orange leggings and see how cool it looks. Now, team this up with the right handbag and a bracelet. Love what you’re wearing? So do we!

So, right away, open your wardrobe to see if you can pair up some pink with orange because just plain colours of pink or orange is too mainstream ;)

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