March 29, 2015


Diapers – Check!

Spare Dress – Check!

Wipes – Check!

Trash Bag, Sanitizer, Hand towels….. Check, check, check!

One of the challenges of having a cute, little smiling kid is to be ever-ready with a checklist of items to carry along with you. You step out of the house; baby decides that it is the right time to do a little pooping. You suddenly recall that you have missed something as trivial as a trash bag that’s specifically needed for this purpose. Gee!!!

No matter how many times we go through a mental checklist, how many times we check the diaper bag, at times, we simply forget something very important. The following are few essentials that NEEDS to be in your diaper bag. Be warned; the list can grow bigger based on personal requirements and/or emergencies.

What do YOU need for the Diaper Bag


Definitely needed when outside. How can you have a diaper bag without diapers??

Changing Mats

A Plastic mat or a Cloth mat will do well. Quite often we over estimate our speed compared to that of the baby’s. You think you can change a diaper in just seconds and within no time.  Just when you change the diaper, you realize that the baby has urinated! This is when the changing mats come into picture. After all, it’s quite difficult to change a diaper holding the baby in one hand.

Wet Wipes

Never ever, ever forget these. For a baby, hygiene is quite essential. To keep your baby rash-free, wet wipes need to be a part of your diaper bag.

Spare Clothing

Required if baby needs to be changed when out. Some of the reasons vary from ‘Baby gets uncomfortable in a particular dress’ to ‘The dress has been stained’. Take a sweater set along if the weather is cold or chilly.

Hand Sanitizer

The other day, we picked up one of our relatives in our car. She just got off a long bus journey and quite obviously needed to wash her hands before she held the baby. Hand Sanitizer comes in handy in situations like these.

Trash Bags

Throwing out the used diapers might not always be an option. Keep trash bags as a safety precaution
Baby Diaper Bag Checklist
Baby Diaper Bag Checklist

Baby Food Needs

You need to feed your baby frequently – sometimes as many as eight times a day! Carry a milk bottle or milk powder, baby food and a water bottle. If your baby is used to Sippy cup, carry one along. Have a clean set of baby feeding tools like bowl and spoon as well. Carry along bibs if you have space left in your bag.

Hand Cloth

To wipe those drools away.

Baby Towel

Will come in handy in case the baby needs to be protected from pollution or sun. Carry along a baby blanket if you baby is habituated to it or it’s cold weather out there.


The rattles/toys work like miracles when baby gets cranky for no reason. The diaper bag becomes your magician’s box when you see baby becoming calm as you keep taking out the toys one at a time!

Diaper rash creams and first aid

Always carry diaper rash creams, baby lotions, baby oil and other creams. Medicines for common cold, fever and such are important to be carried along.

You might want these too…

Consider carrying Baby Nail Cutter and Nursing Cover depending on your needs

How to choose your Diaper Bag

  1. Consider buying two diaper bags – one for short trips and the other for those long journeys.
  2. Buy one with clear compartments – saves time when looking for an item.
  3. Couple of open pockets would be useful – to quickly reach out to a hand cloth in case of spit-up
  4. Pack baby food in an additional zip pouch to avoid any leaks.

Shopping list for diaper bag and the above listed essentials can be found at:



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