September 13, 2014

Self Empowerment and Spirituality

Self empowerment - empowering one’s self - who doesn’t want to? Everyone would love to move to a higher level in their lifestyle, find a better relationship, get a better job, start a business, lead a healthier life, earn more, save more etc. All these can be categorized as physical empowerment, emotional empowerment, mental empowerment and the most important of all spiritual empowerment.
Any change in one’s self for the betterment of their lifestyle always starts with getting to know one’s true self and that is what spirituality is all about.
The word spirituality may seem complex, the concept being simple; it is about probing into one’s inner self. And what do you benefit out of it? You learn your strengths, weaknesses and the actual purpose of your life. Spirituality makes us realize the infinite energy that lies within us. This energy is the same as that which is spread across entire universe termed as universal power. Realizing the fact that our true self is neither the body nor the mind helps in discovering who we really are and what our purpose of living is, thus directing our thoughts in the right manner so as to aid in the betterment of our lifestyle.
Many factors in our daily life play a role in shaping our lifestyle. For example, usually, we are immediately hurt when someone does not respond to us in the way we expect them to do that eventually causes grief within us and affects our mental state due to which we fail to carry out our physical duties with heartfelt gratitude. And, where there is lack of love, there is lack of positivity and hence lack of fruitful result.
This is just one of many instances where the result of our actions is not as desired, the reason being our mind focusing on others’ behavior towards us.
Once the fact that our true self is not merely the materialistic body but the inner soul which is to be nurtured and understood that it cannot be affected by another person’s behavior or comments is realized, our level of thinking will be elevated by which our self is empowered and our lifestyle will be changed for good.
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Living to die and dying to live – Which is the end?

There may be many discussions and articles doing the rounds on how happy or contented one can lead his/her life. But, have we ever thought about how well or how perfectly one should be dying so that he/she does not fall back into the path of life?

Well, simply put, we live to die and die to live. The former is a play of nature and is inevitable whereas the latter could be altered based on one’s wisdom.

Every person takes birth with a specific purpose or goal in his life. What one accomplishes during his lifetime may be personal to him but spiritually speaking, the ultimate goal of all is to die wisely so as not to be born again. Sadly, man going behind the temporary pleasures since his birth becomes unaware of this most important purpose. He wins accolades for his work and feels that was the only purpose of his life. Then comes death, which is inevitable for any creature in the universe. After death is when he connects his soul to the source of universe from which any life takes birth. He realizes how his past life was, how well he could have lead, what he should be doing in the next life. He chooses his biological parents and time of birth, thus making his way in the journey of life.

So, what is it that actually happens after death? There is no being or body. There is only soul, also known as spirit in generic language, connected to the universal power governing the entire universe. There is neither he nor she. All that is there is the infinite and vast energy over looking all beings in the world. That is when the spirit realizes not only his relation to mankind, his peers, siblings, parents, the purpose of being related to them and also the power of universe. That is when the importance of life is understood and the yearning to be born and lead a good life begins.

Now, ask yourself the BIG question, are you willing to die wisely?

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Human values in daily life.

Few words can make a world of difference to you and others. As a responsible person, always use positive words to inspire others.
Using specific soothing words at crucial instances of our life makes a great impact on our personal relations and how we lead our life.

The word ‘sorry’ is packed with tremendous energy to heal the hurt and undo the damage done by harsh words or unintentional actions. When you say sorry, you convey the message that you never meant to hurt them.

Thank you’
Saying ‘thank you’ for small help or favor by other instills an attitude of gratitude. These two power packed words recharge others and builds a trustworthy relationship.

I appreciate you’
Few words of appreciation have the power to turn zero into a hero. Try to tell your friend that you appreciate him/her to build a sense of mutual confidence in each one’s life and in the relationship.

You did a good job’
We are quite often quick to pick holes in job done by others. We must learn to compliment our friends for the good work done. Encouraging others with good words not only makes them feel good but also drives us to be more perfect in the relationship.
You are a great asset in our friendship’
In every human being there is both garbage and gold. It is up to us to choose what we pay attention to. Recognizing and acknowledging positive words about worth of a person can make a world of difference in their relation with us.

Listen to what others say
Talking to friends doesn’t just mean you talking to them but also you listening and understanding what the other person is trying to say. Only when you have your ear open to listen to people can you avoid misinterpretation and its consequences.
Finally, we should always watch our words, action, thoughts, character and feelings.
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