October 19, 2013

The momentary and the permanent

What is happiness? How can it be attained? Is that self satisfaction? What then is satisfaction? Is it getting what you desire? Why then should you desire? Why don't you attain what you desire for? How do you attain what you desire for?

Happiness - there's lot in this word. Happiness is to 'feel what’? Which part of your body is exactly *feeling* happy? Why is there sadness, in the first place? What is it that makes us *feel* sad?

What is all our being made of?
There is body - the physical form, mind - the entity which enables us to reason, soul - that which gives us life for our survival, spirit - more or less, the soul itself, blood, bones, brain - how is this different from mind? Brain is just that organ which is present. Mind is that which enables us to think/reason things, flesh, nerves, heart, lungs, liver, intestine, kidneys, nails, hands, legs, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and it goes on.

Summing up everything, the whole being simply reduces to a machine, which you need to look after regularly, failing which it malfunctions.

So, what is it that is *feeling happy*? Which organ in our body feels happy?
The soul is always in bliss. You do not need to impress anyone for providing it happiness. You only have to realize your soul and its blissful state and awaken yourself.

The reason you feel happy for something is you feel you have achieved something, you feel satisfied, the brain transmits happy hormones in your body and you feel elevated for that moment. Notice this – it is only for that moment.
Next moment, you are upset with something happening around you. It is because your blood has pumped more blood that required and your brain transmits anxiety hormones due to the blood pressure and you feel sad for that moment. Again, it is for that moment. 

So in our entire life, what is permanent? The soul is permanent and its blissful nature is permanent.

What is the machine for? What is the body for? Body is just a case which carries the most integral part of the machine, the soul.  Also, realize that it is the soul which gives the body the ability to keep it within itself. Body is the means by which we carry out our daily activities. Soul is the ultimate reason for which we are here. Until we place the soul, present in this temporary case back in its celestial abode, we keep changing our case.

How long do you want to keep changing the case?


Purpose of Life

Why is all the rush in every one's life? For what is the running? Get up, go work, come back, eat, sleep. Is this all what life is of? What is all the craving for? What is all this about? Why is all the competition? Is it only about survival of the fittest? What is all the worry about? Why do people always crave for something in life? Is this all to prove to the world who or what you are? Is it all only about recognition? Isn't there anything beyond the present world, the present life, beyond that which is visible to the eye?

What is it that is important? Spiritual success or material success? True success in spiritual world will anyways lead to success in material world. But not true the other way round.
Why is the mind always occupied? What are all the relationships for? What is social living? What is it to succeed? What is all the education without any human values? Pity those kids who are not exposed to any concepts other than the books, the bookish world. Do something BIG in life and then never return to the place you are in. there is lot more to explore beyond the visible world. That BIG differs from person to person.

Now, what is your BIG?

P.S.: Please do not post answers to the above questions in the comments section. Those questions are for asking your own self. I am well aware of the answers.


Living life lovingly

Love your life while living it. Do all what you want. Live every moment like it is the last one. Love what you do. Love everyone around you. Love everything around you. Never feel sad for anything because 'feeling sad' is putting 'negative stuff' in your mind.

Remember, any aspect in your life can be classified as either positive or negative. Do not take the negative side. Negative side is for the losers to follow. You are not a loser. You always take the positive side of every situation. You enter as many fields as possible in this life. You make a mark in every field. You reach the ultimate power. You merge with the power. All this can be possible only because there are positive vibrations in your mind, body and soul.
When asked 'Do you believe in God?, answer  'I believe in myself, I believe that the power which people call God is in me'.

Life is not boring. Every day is not routine. Learn something new every day. Discover a bit more of yourself every day. Keep evolving as a developed person day by day. Don’t just stay stagnant. Do something better, learn something new each day.  Life cannot be limited to a routine which the physical body carries out.

Develop self-revelation - revealing your best self to your current self and seeing the world through a new set of eyes in the process. Every being is as unique as you think you are. Every being is love itself. Every being is made of love and you need to reflect love in order to sync with the true world.
Live so wisely that you will die happily.

Start loving every single act you do daily.
Open / close eye lids. Waking from sleep. Helping at home. Cleaning your room. Your work at office. Your travel in bus. Your search for new job. Your breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner. Your state of mind at every moment of the day. Your sleep. Your interaction with all those around you.

A person who's nothing but love incarnate can only see pure love when they look at another person.
That is the personality which you have to aim for. Transform yourself. Look beyond your noticeable personality. Understand that it is not the 'real you'. You are the universal power. You, ultimately, have to merge within pure love. How can you catch the frequency of love when you remain the same bodily self. Your soul is not the body. It is the ultimate form of love. Look at every event in your life with the frequency of universal love. Only then can you attract the universal power and ultimately merge with it.

In life, ultimately, we don't get what we want, we get what we are.


Awaken the soul

 It is so amazing to realize that the pain or the feelings is all that happens at physical level. i.e., precisely, you feel anxious only because your heart pumps more blood than needed. You feel pain when your leg is hurt, only because the skin has torn apart and there is a need for the existing cells to divide and make a new portion, and hence, it pains. So the pain is only because there has to be a mechanism to safe guard the physical case which holds the soul in it. 
Irrespective of what or how the physical case is, the soul, well aware of all the lives which it has taken, the great storage reservoir which has in it all the memories of all the life times, is in bliss always. We must concentrate on how we can nurture our soul and know all that which it has stored rather than concentrating on how well our physical case could be maintained.


Role of brain in spiritual development

The brain is just a dummy piece and we develop an illusion that it is the major source of our wisdom. The brain is just a piece which is given as one of the organs to assist the physical case in its functioning. It is just another organ of our body which helps in guiding organs by receiving and transmitting nerve signals. It also helps one reach the ultimate soul by tuning as needed. The brain should stay controlled by the soul.

Then, what is mind? Brain is the physical organ and the thoughts which are transmitted by brain are said to be carried by mind.

The main *thing* that carries all the memories is the soul. Not exactly memories, but, the brain is nothing when the body is dead. It cannot retain any of our memories, those that happened a while ago to those that happened a ten years ago in our life to those that happened in our previous lives are all known to the soul. It is the soul that remains alive even after death and it is the soul which knows what it has to do, where, when and how it has to take it’s next birth.

Hence, the brain is just a physical box to assist this physical case over the soul of ours.

It is the soul which knows completely everything. And, soul is the universal power. We are the power.


Give it a thought

  1. You come empty handed to this world. Life takes you through attachment and detachment.
  2. When you realize that you are with god, for god, from god you will find god everywhere.
  3. Faith does not know the word ‘wavering’.
  4. Ego enters the scene only when you feel it is your achievement. Say to yourself, ‘all this is the almighty’s gift’, and the next moment you get rid of your ego.
  5. It might be true that our life is controlled by position of planets; the truth behind everything is that, what is even truer is that our thoughts control the movement of planets. Watch your thoughts.
  6. Get closer to thy self.
  7. Bliss is that which stays with us permanently, not grief. Stay permanent.
  8. Subtler than the subtlest. You can't even feel it, you, only have to realize it. – The Universal Power.
  9. Life is all about looking for goodness in disgusting things around you, Being Positive.
  10. It is all about the attitude, not attire.
  11. The world is here.
  12. What do you want? You will it and you will get it.
  13. This is what unconditional love is all about - Encouraging people's passions, loves, and dreams - even if you don't agree with them.
  14. If only we knew how powerful and magnificent we were, we really would worship ourselves constantly. We would love ourselves completely and would be the hero and idol of our lives. We wouldn't have the fears we have, and we wouldn't limit ourselves in the way we do. But sadly, we don't realize the power within us and get scared of petty things around us.
  15. "Thought is powerful". It cannot be pen down. Writing your thoughts out limits the power of thought to the language used. In reality, nothing can limit the power of thought.